KAL & CO kinetic display


Finally, my first commission after a long time experimentingwith this electronics and microcontroller stuffs. This project being commissionby one of the most respected brand consultant firm in Bangkok Kal &Co.


Store front displays are quite boring all of them look the same.This project I am explored the possibility to implement the creative technologiesto the traditional display. The first implementing decision that I made is tomake this display dynamic, to combined the movement with the led pattern. I chose20 servo motors on this project because of the rotation limited that thisservos are provided and the easiness to control all of them by the degreeangles. All of these motors being assigned to a difference led units whichformed into K shape. Each row have 9 Neo-pixel led, this way I only use one pinof the microcontroller to change the led pattern.


I used one Arduino Mega to control 20 servos and almost 300led pixels. It quite challenging to get all of them to work at the same time. Imanaged to get rid of the delay function from my code ( Thank you, to Adafruittutorial, you guy are the best šŸ˜Š) but I seem impossible to me tosimultaneously moving servos while refresh the LEDs every microsecond. As aresult, I am only make the display moving back and forth then refresh the Neo-pixelat the end of the rotation. The display might look super simple but I am quitesatisfied for now. I planning to integrated the second microcontroller to thisproject as a solution. Hopefully I canimplementing this soon.

Thank you,

Natthakit Kangsadansenanon

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