ABOUT: Remember when we play multiplayer game with our friends, the joysticks that both of us use are always the same. This traditional setting promotes the fairness between both parties. Is it necessary to have just one solution for the fairness between both parties? I created this Hat Matching Game to try a new interactivity between both parties in the same game . One player uses facial expression to control their role , while the second player use the traditional gamestick to play the game. This project explores the possibility to use different input devices in the same game setting.

DESIGN: I use Arduino Uno to send the tradional gamestick input data to openframeworks. The second input is received from a webcam which detects the facial expression of the first player. The console player will drop either a circle or square from the top of the screen.The face controlled player needs to move his head position with the right facial expression to match the geometry to win this game.

MORE INFO: http://doc.gold.ac.uk/compartsblog/index.php/work/emotional-hat-matching-game/





Homemade console & Interaction during game



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