It been likes 5 or 6 years already that I have seen this Bao Bao bags. The remarkable pattern of these bags impressed me a lot since then.

This project I try to explore the possibility of the style that this 144 triangles bag can generate and the potential use of a smart bag in 2018 could be like. This project just only using one Arduino Uno to control 144 smart LEDS.

It almost the end of the year now, the only make sense theme at this time would be Christmas. All of my patterns being think according to this but first of all why not start with the name of the brand. As far as I understand this bag being called Bao Bao, so why not trying to show all these three alphabets on this canvas. Controlling B to move from left to right and A from bottom to top are not really hard to solve but to move O from the bottom left to the top right and looping is quite a challenge for me. I quite satisfied with the result at this point.

After I am finish showing the words I would like to show something that related to the Christmas festival, So why not a Christmas tree and the snow. Everything going as I plan but there still a space left on the right top corner. I must find something to show up right there, the only thing that make sense to put on the canvas at this moment is Moon. I guess all of you could no tell that It is a Moon hahaha.

Lastly, I created 8 patterns of the possibility for this bag to show the potential use of everyday life. Not really sure that I did show it.

Hope you guy enjoy this 2017 Christmas festival, wish you guys all the best in the world and keep making cool stuff.

Any Japanese right here who have Mr. Issey Miyake email, please sent this to him hahaha.

Thank you,


Music Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly by Kevin MacLeod at


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