ABOUT:  It has always been my aspiration to look at a daily product around my life and think how could I improve and build a stronger relationship between it and the users. I chose to increment the desk lamp in this project. This object always sits on our table giving light when we need it to study at night. However, we humans need a break between study from time to time, the usual activity during a break for today’s student is to play social media on a mobile phone. This is time consuming, due to the huge load of information being gained. I have designed this product to make sure that a five- minute break will last five and it will also be a break.

DESIGN:  I use two Arduino Mega as a microcontroller for this interactive product. The communication between remote control and the object is possible through Xbee wireless module. The product enclosure was designed in Rhino 3D then export to a laser cutting machine to cut an acrylic sheet. Watch the link to see product in action.


Product Detail

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