80 * 80 Interaction Wall

It quite common nowadays that you see senior people playing their smart-phone or tablet everywhere. The games are fun and addicting but it also not healthy if one just sit down and swipe finger for a while.
The goal of this project is to create something fun yet healthy. The project used 80 to 80 cm with a 400 pixels resolution (WS2812B LED strip) as a canvas for interaction, one Arduino Uno to receive the pixels data from laptops which processed the image data from Kinect.
I am planning to keep develop the possible interaction exercise games with this large size screen. The one that I show right here is only just a first game.
I am quite obsessed with a large but low-resolution screen for quite some time. It has a certain aesthetic that small pixels can’t provide. Design anything on this canvas is quite challenging because you can’t include a lot of stuffs to show at the same time, this required me to cut out all the non-necessary and just focus on the thing that matter during the interaction period.
I will keep exploring this project and more info to come.
Thank you everyone.

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