Speed Puncher for Decathlon 2019

Speed Puncher

Speed Puncher is a collaborative project between ADAR X KIMBAB:) . We developed this interactive game to promote work-life balance for the office workers. The game required two players to punch each of their own sandbags as fast as possible to release the balls on the screen. One hit will release one ball and the game will be finished when the number of a ball from both players reaches 99 on the screen. The program will calculate who is the winner by the bigger number of the ball being released on the screen.

Here is an on-site test run. We kinda cheating by smashing the buttons the way we like (hahaha). For the exhibition day players required to wear boxing gloves to play this game.

On site test run

Here is a prototype that we developed at Yelo House gallery.


Exhibition day atmosphere 🙂

Exhibition day 🙂

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