Shut the call up for Heineken 0.0

An interactive game to promotes a new non-alcohol drink from Heineken. Shut the call up is the game that target office workers who want to drink Heineken favour drink during an office hours. The game required each office workers to pick up the phone call as fast as possible and as many as possible in 1 minute.

I got invition to get involves in this project by Multi-media agency Eyedropper-fill.

Each phone got an LED-button to signal the call

My mom in-action

Prototypes need to be tested, so why not ask my mom for playtesting 🙂 . Everything seems to be working out just fine, just a little more polishing will be perfect .

Interactive game in-action 🙂

At the end of the game, players received Bronze, Silver or Gold as a point to be exchanged with a gift from Heineken.

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