Fruit Ninja (Simplified) 80 * 80

I am back again Yeahhh!!!!!

This is the continue exploration project from the first 80 * 80 that I posted last week. The first Project is more like an introduction the physical LED screen so I can not yet designed something really complex. As a resulted It just look like rain catching game.

This week I coming back with something that I guessed more complex in term of interaction and quite reminding me of the good old day when I used to swipe left and right on our mobile phone for something else. 😊

As you can see the canvas is just 400 pixels this limitation forced me leave out something that are unnecessary. So first step I listed out the must have featured for this game, first the trail after a hand movement like a blade when cut something, Second fruit ( why not ?), Lastly, the bomb. I also managed to integrated the splitted fruit particle when being cut.

The challenge of this project for me is to pick the color for each of them. I can not remember how long have I spent tweaking the RGB value for each of them.

Any suggestion to improved this project or what you want to see me making on this 80 * 80 screen are welcome. 😊

Thank you,


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